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가공식품 | Chung Jung One Soonchang Hot Pepper Paste - 500g
작성자 최고관리자
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Chung Jung Won Hot Pepper Paste - Very Hot

Chung Jung Won Soonchang Hot Pepper Paste  is a delicious, spicy sauce that are used in popular Korean dishes like Bibimbaap and Tteokbokki. This versatile sauce can also be used to marinate meat and flavor casseroles. Adds a creative kick of spice to any meal.

Net Wt.:
1.1lbs (500g)

Water, Corn syrup, Red pepper powder, Rice, Salt, Contains 2% or less of spices, Isonmal tooligosaccharide, Calcium phosphate, Xanthan gum, Barley cultured with aspergillus oryzae.
Contains wheat


Net Wt.

1.1lbs (500g)

Country of Origin

South Korea


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